Leadership meets crossfit ASSAULT

"Out of the box" yet in "The Box"


How can two completely different worlds collaborate?

... or are they that different?! CrossFit® and Leadership are both about strength, endurance, discipline, vision and mindset - in other words: transformation. 
Transformation from the "I can't" to "I did it" - from "Impossible" to "I'mPossible" and from "Self-consciousness" to "Self-confidence".

It's about the performance and the potential of the individual - and every individual rising, with the support of the team, to their maximum physical and mental potential and performance. In other words - a Sandworm Principle!


Boring Conference Room or Amazing CrossFit Assault Gym?

So why not combine our passion with our purpose: Transforming bodies and minds! Why not present the world's most unusual Transformational Leadership insights in the world's most unusual conference room?! Why not take CEO's, Teams and Companies out of their" box" and invite them into Stuttgart's largest CrossFit® "Box"?  

LEADERSHIP MEETS CROSSFIT ASSAULT: Out of the box yet in the "Box" was born!



Two Experts - one Vision: to strengthen You, mentally and physically!

Who is Petra Spillman?

   "Transformation my Motivation"

Petra Spillman has her heart fully involved with eveything she does. No matter where she worked, as Head of Internal Euro Communication for Deutsche Bank's Headquarters in Germany or as "First Lady" of an Air Force Commander in the USA and even now, as Leadership Mentor and Visual Storyteller, she always followed her passion of bringing the best out of People and Organizations
Petra loves to simplify complicated matters to a childlike level. Her dream of writing a Transformational Leadership book, which was based upon a Children's book, became reality with her Sandworm Principle concept. She uses her concept to maximize the potential of her clients. Petra was an avid marathon runner, until her achilles tendon ruptured - now, she has found in CrossFit® her new challenge! 

Who is Olliver Murillo?

"Respect all - Fear none!"

Olliver Murillo is an experienced and seasoned athlete. He is the Head Coach and owner of the largest CrossFit® box in the Stuttgart area, Crossfit Assault. Olliver earned his B.S. his Sports Science, majoring in Sports Physiology, at the National University of Sport Trainers (ENED) in Mexico City. He made his passion of inspiring others to push through their mental and physical weaknesses, his profession. Olliver firmly believes that becoming the best version of yourself, requires maintaining focus and building strengths, however, pushing through the weak moments will truly shape your body and mind.  If you ever need that extra bit of motivation and determination, Olly will surely support you. He is not only a strength training specialist but also a nutritonal coach!

What and when is a Sandworm Saturday?

After a "normal" WORM UP!,  your MetCon will mirror the "crawling direction" (example on last page of reading sample) of certain Sandworms. You are guaranteed to get your full work out before you dive into some quick character insights. Keep an open mind, it will be blown... in a good way! 


What's in it for me?

  • Learn which Sandworm character you are.
  • Learn how you can recognize other "characters" and see their constructive as well as destructive potential.
  • Understand how you can forge the perfect team.
  • Learn how to move the W.H.A.L.E. - an impossible task that can be accomplished by the collaboration of many. 
  • You will know who is "crawling" around you... which can be taken literally after a CrossFit® session!


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