Positive Leadership Seminar:

The Sandworm Principle

The Ultimate Transformational Leadership Guide

Why write a Transformational Leadership book that is based upon a children's story?

Isn't that too easy? ... too weird ... too ... different ... too crazy?

Correct! I was fed up with the same old concepts and ways ... how could we expect real change, if we continue to do the same thing over and over again! INSANITY?! CORRECT! THAT'S CRAZY!


What is a Sandworm Principle ?!

Very good question, because there are two forms:

A positive Sandworm Principle is when a multitude of sandworms that collaborates selflessly for the common good!

A negative Sandworm Principle is when a multitude of sandworms act selfishly only to further for their own agenda!


But why Sandworms? Isn't it child's play!?

Well, not if the Sandworm represents our mindset! We are all different from the outside - but inside we were all created equally.

We all have character, attitudes, opinions, characteristics, etc.

How our mindset affects our environment, our work, ourselves and others is simply illustrated in the Sandworm Principle  - no, really - most of it is illustrated!


... and what or who is the Whale (W.H.A.L.E.)?!

The whale (W.H.A.L.E.) symbolizes everything that seems impossible at the moment! Have you just watched the news? Pandemic, economy and global unrest ...

How do we recognize who is who? Who can we really count on? Who is going to help rescue the stranded Whale (W.H.A.L.E.)? Who is just pretending to help? Who sabotages and who assists?

What Seminar?! Leadership meets CrossFit®, of course!

"Out of the box" yet in "The Box"

In this two-hour seminar you will reach your physical and mental limits, tear them down and maximize your potential for knowledge of people and positive leadership!

"Lay down your "power" to gain incredible understanding about positive leadership."

Out of the box...

  • Get out of your stiff business apparel!
  • Get away from your secretary and the conference rooms!
  • Good-bye stress and responsibility ...!

Yet in the Box...

  • Put on your comfortable sports apparel!
  • Off to leadership mentoring with max. 8 people!
  • Hello largest CrossFit® box in Stuttgart!

Two experts - one vision: to strengthen you, mentally and physically!

Who is actually on your Team?!

How do you recognize the Encouragers, the Visionaries, the Motivators, the Passionate, the Team players, the Workaholics?!
Oh! And yes, the Lazy, the Anxious, the Eccentric, the Immature, the Complacent, the Victims and of course the Corrupt!?

"Mankind can be defined in 13 Sandworm Characters"

Find out who is worming around you!